Death of a Daimyo
Auteur James Melville
Année None
Pages 160
Résumé THE TENTACLES OF ORGANIZED CRIME HAVE AN EXTRAORDINARY REACH.... — It begins as a long overdue vacation for Superintendent of Police Tetsuo Otani who, at his wife's urging, finally boards a plane to England to visit his daughter and his son-in-law. — Pleasure, however, is soon mixed with business when Shigeru Murakami, a powerful Japanese philanthropist, is found murdered at a ceremony at Cambridge University, where Otani himself could well have been the intended victim.... Meanwhile, in Japan, the supreme daimyo--godfather--of organized crime is dying and has yet to name his successor. It is a situation fraught with danger as vying mob leaders gear up for battle. Otani believes Murakami's murder and the daimyo's silence are related. Embroiled in Scotland Yard's investigation, he soon realizes he is hopelessly bombarded with culture shock. But time is running out--both in England and in Japan. Can more bloodshed be prevented?
Catégories: Romans en anglais